Internationally collected and formally trained in Europe, Alexandre Safonov paints and sculpts from a spiritual perspective all his own. In his studio in San Diego, California he carefully observes each angle and curve with regard to shadow and light as he works around every piece. Inspired by forms found in nature, he explores the interactions of curves, straight lines and volumes. In turn, the work provokes viewers to walk around it as well, whether in a gallery, a home or a public park.

Bringing 25 years experience as an artist and working with clients, he is capable of creating pieces for any taste, suitable for home, garden, corporate and public settings. His work enlivens public and private collections throughout the world. His one-of-a-kind wooden sculptures are harmonious forms derived from the human body, clothing, and continuous lines evoking both mood and movement.

Contact Alexandre Safonov directly 1 760 846 2276